It's days like today that I hope we all stop and think about the sacrifices that many have made so that we can all enjoy many of the freedoms we enjoy. Many of you who have read my blog and know me know that my family has a long tradition of serving our country in the armed services, well mainly the Navy. My brother Doug is retired from the U.S. Navy, his son, another Doug, is currently active duty Navy. Both my mother and my father's fathers served in WW2 in the Navy. One was lucky enough to come home, the other did not.

My mom's family served on both sides during the "War between the States" and I've been told that we even had members who served during the Revolutionary War. If I'm not mistaken someone in our family has served during every war the U.S. has fought since the start of this nation.

So today we take a few minutes to pause and remember and honor the many, many brave men and women have served in our military to make sure that we can live in a country that, while it may have it's problems, is still one of the best experiments in government by and for the people this world has known. There are still some of those great men and women who served in WW2 around, and if you are honored enough to know one, or are related to one, I hope that today you will say thank you for their amazing service. Same goes for those who served in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and the current wars we are waging. And don't forget those who just put the uniform on and served even during  the years when there wasn't an active "engagement" going on. Their willingness to stand guard is what has kept us free.

Thank you Veterans and may God bless you for you unselfish service to this country I call home.
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