So the truth is I had, but not forever. The main reason was because I've been busy and life just seemed to go by without me managing to blog. I'd think about a blog post and then the day would be gone, or the week, or the month and it wasn't relevant any more. Since I last blogged I ended up one contract, took a month off and started another contract that has kept me VERY busy. I've finished a couple of knitting projects and I've even stitched a little. So I'll try to do better and also get everyone caught up on the important stuff.

Let's see, I think some eye candy is in order to get the ball rolling.

Cancer away Citron
I knit this for a lady I work with when she found out she had a melanoma on her face and was going in for surgery. I used Zauberball and love how it turned out. When I blocked it I made it a little too pointy around the edge, but I still love how it turned out and she was surprised and has used it and loves the color so I'm happy with it.

I also finished Sapphire Beauty and can't wait until it's a little cooler so I can start wearing it. I would make another one of these for a gift, same with Citron. Both are great, easy patterns you can work on while you're watching TV and relaxing.
Sapphire Butterfly back

My lovely model for both is my mother. She's always willing to help me out, but sometimes she wants to keep things. I guess I need to make her a shawl.

That's all I have time for today. I've got some more pretties to show off so I'll be posting some more I promise.
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5 Responses
  1. Tell your lovely model to turn around so we can see her face! :)

  2. Ria Says:

    Jeans right! Your mom's gorgeous! She should turn around!

  3. Jackie Says:

    A third vote for more pictures of your lovely model! And YES of course you should knit her a shawl.

  4. monica Says:

    Hi teresa

    I really like that pattern. Your mom is a good model.

  5. Karoline Says:

    Both shawls are lovely, congratulations

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