So today we bring you part one of the recap of my latest travels. I've managed to go to Atlanta twice since the spring. Once with my DF Jackie, who's blog you should check out, and once by myself. Both trips were wonderful. Plus I made a quick trip up to WV for a family reunion and to help my parents drive home. Not to mention two trips to Savannah.

I'm guessing you want more information, or at the least some pictures of swag or other such nonsense. Luck you, I have just what you want.

The trip in April was for Stitches South. Neither Jackie nor I had ever attended and we were very much looking forward not only to the class we had signed up for, but also the chance to check out some yarns we had heard of but never seen or felt. Let me just say that we did our share of shopping. We stayed with DF Jean and her fab husband which helped cut down on cost, or should I say helped us be able to spend more. I'm not sure when we took this picture, I think it was after day 1 when we'd gone to class and then waited to get into the "hall of yarny and related goodness" for early bird shopping. In fact, I'm fairly certain that's when this was taken.

Now understand that this is for three people. Yeah, it still looks like a lot, but in my defense, I've already finished one shawl from some of what is there and am 3/4 way through another. I'm ready to sign up for next year. Maybe take two classes this time.

Of course it wasn't all about the loot yarn, we also spent time with friends Jill, Heather and Andy. Jackie got to meet my stitching/knitting friends in Atlanta and we even found a few minutes to take her to one of the stitching stores so she could look around. And yes, I did buy a small little something there that I've been working on (and need to get progress pictures of).

Mom, Dad, myself and several other friends also went up to Savannah in April to see a show at The Savannah Theater. We saw Southern Nights that day. It was the first time mom and dad had gone up and they really enjoyed the show. We always have a great time. Before the show mom and I found Wild Fiber and I did a little shopping there.

Lovely shop and very near the theater so that's just perfect for when I get to go back for a visit.

And here's a picture of "the gang" having a bite to eat before the show started.
from right clockwise: Mom,  Don F., Lynn F., Tony F., Janet F., Joyce & my dad
I even have a picture of my dad after the show. Isn't he handsome?
Left to right: Chris Fullerton, Dad, Michele (I think)
Chris' parents are Don & Lynn in the picture above and we've all been friends for years. In fact, all of us attend the same church and are pretty close.

We went back up to Savannah for Chris' birthday in May and got to see the Gospel Jubilee they were putting on at the time. Amazing is the only word I can use. We're planning on going back to see the one they do in the fall as well.

Wow, that's a lot for one day. I think I'll leave you in May and try to bring you up to date with the rest later this week. Don't want to bore anyone you know.
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  1. Jackie Says:

    I have finished one shawl from my Stitches South purchases. In my defense, I do have plans for all (almost) the yarn! I'm trying to avoid casting on for another new project since I have 2 big ones on the needles. It was a great visit and the highlight was Jean and Richards hospitality!

  2. The picture was from when you were holding down the parking place for me to move the Hummer after we had raided the market for yarny goodness.

    The scary part is that we went *back* to the market the next day...

  3. Ria Says:

    Yay!!! Pictures!!!......finally....

    I've seen a lot of pictures with your mom (she's a gorgeous model, although she's got to stop snatching the goods if she wants to go pro) but not sure if I ever saw your dad before. he is on handsome devil!

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