Is it just me, or do Saturday's seem much shorter then other days of the week? Intellectually I realize that they aren't, but they do feel shorter. And I can't seem to get much done during them lately. I have big plans, but then I want to do silly things like sleep in, eat more for breakfast then a bowl of cereal, watch the ACC basketball tournament (or more specifically FSU play in the ACC basketball tournament), and the whole day is suddenly gone.

All in all though it was a good day. I did accomplish getting the lemon trees trimmed up, so hopefully they will produce more lemons next year. I was going to stitch and watch the basketball tournament, but I couldn't seem to do both, so I gave that up and just watched. I did get my last name put on the sampler before I gave up though, so that's something. It ended up being the only stitching I managed to do today however.

I was craving catfish, so I took mom & dad to Whitey's, my place of choice of catfish, for dinner. As always it was yummy. Ended up getting both catfish and some oysters. (Ok, color me extremely surprised that Whitey's has a website. But I guess I shouldn't be. I've grown up going to Whitey's. It's very different now then it was when I was a teenager. Much more "upscale", but still it's a fish camp and you can eat out on the porch any day of the year.)

I have hopes that tomorrow I'll manage to finish the sampler except for the parts that I'm waiting for the thread. (Oh and Ria, it's easy to sit and stitch. Kind of like sitting and knitting. Plus I'm never JUST stitching. I usually am watching TV, or listening to an audio book, or something else while I'm stitching. And for some strange reason I find it relaxing, at least most of the time. The movement of putting thread through the fabric can be zen-like. But then so can knitting, so hey.)
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  1. Ceramix Says:

    If Saturday's are too short, how come the weekend as a whole seems even shorter? LOL You know what I mean...

    Enjoy your Sunday, the sun has put in an appearance here today. Yea!

  2. Ria Says:

    Reading your blog, and weatching Guy's Big Bite cooking catfish - I'm going to have to hit the seafood store this afternoon and make catfish for dinner.


  3. Jackie Says:

    You're so right....Saturdays are short. Why can't they be as long on Mondays??? It just does not seem fair!

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