First let me say that I'm kind of tired of rain. I know we need it. I know we have been in a drought for a long time, but really, is it necessary that we get caught up all at once? For those of you who don't know, we've been dealing with Tropical Storm Fay and her remnants for the last week. Today it rained again and according to the weather people it's all because of Fay. Apparently she has a friend named Gustav and he might want to come for a visit as well. I'm hoping he'll decide to go visit someone else. I can do without another visitor like that.

So, back to the vacation pictures.
We surprised our cousin Toni one day for lunch. She thought she was meeting Nora for their monthly lunch, instead she got a "3 for 1" special! We all splurged and shared a wonderful pizza and had a great time talking and getting caught up. (Toni's grandmother and my grandfather were brother and sister, so she's a cousin on the Graham side.)

We really didn't do too much else that week. On Saturday we went here...This is Marcia Springston-Dillon's gallery. There's a wonderful article on her in the Wonderful West Virginia Magazine (which I've very kindly linked for you). Her gallery is full of lovely items, not just her own, but work from other craftsmen and women. She very kindly let me take some pictures of her shelves and other pieces.
I adore how her items are interspaced with baskets and all kinds of other things. The dulcimer in the top middle shelf isn't for sale, but it was pretty. Very similar to the one I have.

This is an example of the place settings she creates. We all thought it would be wonderful to own a full set. Nora offered to purchase me one if I get married. She believes she's safe with that promise. Oh well....

So, what did we end up getting? Well I finally decided on this baking dish.While mom decided that this sconce would look perfect in the kitchen with the new counter tops. She was right btw.
You can't tell, but the outside of the dish is this lovely shade of gray-green that's just amazing and works wonderfully with the black inside. Marcia is truly talented and I can't wait to make another trip to her gallery the next time we're in WV.

That was Saturday, then on Sunday we gathered for another cousin's 50th wedding anniversary.That's the happy couple, "Bud" and Joann. Bud's another Thompson, his father and my grandmother were brother and sister. (I tell you these things because, well, I'm southern and we always explain how people are related to us.)

Bud and Joann have two daughters, one older then me and one the same age.

That's us. From left to right...Jennifer, me and Kimberly (or as we all call her Kimbo). The party was at a lovely park in Bluefield, VA and we had a wonderful time. It was good to see Kimbo. Seems I only see her about every other year. She's the one that's the same age as me, although she is a bit older I think. Growing up they lived near my grandmother and when I would be in WV for the summer I'd spend quite a bit of time at Bud and Joann's house hanging out with Kimbo. Their house was just up the road from the city pool in Mullens, so we spent many a summer afternoon laying on the top deck ogling watching the hunky lifeguards other swimmers.

That evening we went to hear another of our cousins sing. Calvin sings a most beautiful bass in a quartet, The Gospel Harmony Boys. I grew up listening to gospel music and love to hear the harmonies of a great men's quartet. Even if my sweet cousin wasn't in the group I'd have to say they have some fantastic harmonies. Afterwards Calvin posed with me for a picture.He's definitely a Thompson and loves to joke and cut up. I feel sorry for the poor person who has to stand by him while they are singing. He's one of those people who can sing and clap or snap their fingers off rhythm. I've stood beside him at family reunions when he's pulling that trick and it will catch you off guard every time. Their website tells where they'll be performing so if they are going to be near where you live go hear them and be sure to let Calvin know you read all about him on my blog!

That about covers the vacation. I've got some other things to show you this week. I've neglected showing you a lovely clock that a dear man at our church made for me. Plus I need to take some pictures of my stitching and the knitting I've been doing. Some I can't show yet since it's for Christmas gifts. But I do have some lovelies to show as soon as I get together with DF's Michele, Joan, Christine & Kathy for virtual birthday. I've been saving those pictures until we've exchanged our gifts. They might actually read this blog from time to time and I'd hate to spoil the surprise.
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  1. Jill Says:

    Hopefully you are drying out a little today. We, too, have gotten rain from Fay and desperately need it. So I won't complain either as long as the sun comes back sometime in the next week! Can't wait to see the pics of your knitting and stitching - especially those ornaments....

  2. ...vote two for ornaments. =) It looks like you had a fabulous time!! The pottery is wonderful. Ah, men's quartets...be still my heart! One of my best memories is still singing with the Dapper Dans at the Magic Kingdom!!

  3. Three for ornies!

    And it does look (and sound) as if your vacation was wonderful. Glad you're back home tho (Fay notwithstanding). By the way, what did you do with the koi once the pond dried up?? :)

  4. Ria Says:

    great pic's. I'm only part time southern (6 months a year until i was 13 then all vacations) and I do the whole how someone is remotely related to me too.

    I think I have the answer. An auditor at work seems to attract hurricanes and tropical storms whenever he goes to Florida. In 18 years he has never come back with a tan!

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