Let me just first say that you don't get many days like today. The temperature was perfect in my book, 75F most of the day with a few clouds and a lovely breeze. Plus there was shopping and a picnic of sorts.

My dad and Uncle Jim headed "to the farm", or as my aunt sometimes says, to Forest Hill. Forest Hill is actually where their farm is located, but you might not find it on a map. It's outside Hinton WV. We followed them after awhile with the meat and cheese we bought at the Amish Barn. (For those of you who live in countries where good cheese is readily available...Grant..."Scoring" good cheese doesn't sound like a huge deal, but here it's harder to find quality cheese. Not impossible, and easier in some areas then others, like where I live.) Anyway, we didn't stay too long at the farm before we headed to Marsha's gallery, the potter I told you about yesterday. Apparently she was written up in the "West Virginia Magazine" and she's had some extra visitors, who have also purchased some pieces. Good for her, sad for us. Don't despair, there was still plenty to choose from. Mom found a sconce that should look great in the kitchen. Aunt Nora found a lovely vase. And I found a beautiful round baking dish. I promise a picture as soon as we get home. Marsha also graciously allowed me to take pictures of her gallery. It may be off the beaten path, but it's worth the trip if you're close.

The it was back to the farm, a picnic there since the kitchen isn't finished yet and then to visit with "uncle" Harry. Harry was the pastor for many years at the chapel my mom and aunt attended as children and teens. He's not doing so well, he has cancer and it's moved into the bones in his back. He was looking pretty good today and we had a lovely visit.

Afterwards we made the required visit to the Dairy Queen in Hinton. Seriously good food and according to my mom and my little cousin Danielle, the best "Blizzards" anywhere. Sufficiently stuffed we came home and spent the rest of the night watching the Olympics. I finished another 5 motifs and I'm loving this shawl already! (When I get home I'll insert the appropriate picture here.)

Tomorrow we have a big day planned. Our cousin Bud & his wife will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a party in Bluefield, VA. We'll head there for awhile, then back to Beckley to hear yet another cousin, Calvin, sing. Well he'll be singing with the quartet he belongs to, "The Gospel Harmony Boys". I've never heard them in person, so I'm really looking forward to this. I'm sure we'll have a great time at both events.
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