Jardin January
 The holidays were a little stressful...let's relax in a nice garden. Work on any piece with flowers or garden.
Another year means another try at Theme-a-licious with my DF Heather. This year I'm getting off to a fairly decent start.

Toccata #1 progress so far:

This piece is a tad addictive. You pick it up to work on a square and boom, you finish that square and think "Ohhh, look I've accomplished something! Lets keep going!" I'm waiting to get bored with it. Hopefully that won't happen since this is the SAL (Stitch-a-Long) for 2013 with my EGA chapter.

Daughters of Longbourn Hall progress:

Look! A person! I'm excited I made so much progress on this piece. I'm amazed. This is one I'm planning on working into each month's theme. I'll have to be creative, but hey, that's the fun of Theme-a-licious!

Well I meant to get this posted right on the 15th, but work and life conspired against me. I'm headed for a weekend of fun with friends in Atlanta later today. I doubt I'll post anything before I return, but you never know. I have some catch-up posts I need to get finished, but I really doubt I'll have time this weekend. But I will return to post another day...soon...I hope....

8 Responses
  1. Siobhán Says:

    Sweet progress! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Ruth Says:

    Great pieces, Tocatta is looking great and I love the colours in Daughters of Longbourn Hall..may I ask who this piece is by ?

  3. Jackie Says:

    You're needle is flying! Love both projects. I'm looking forward in seeing how you'll fit DofLH into each Theme-a-licous month - especially October and November!

  4. Chris Says:

    Wonderful progress! Have a great time in Atlanta!

  5. Karoline Says:

    They're both looking gorgeous, have a great time in Atlanta

  6. woolwoman Says:

    Glad to see Daughters coming along so beautifully - the colors are wonderful and springy - i think you are flying on Tocatto - YGG - enjoy Mel

  7. Oooo, Daughters has verry pretty colors! You're 2 squares ahead of me on Toccatta (probably more by now!)

  8. Brigitte Says:

    Daughters of Longbourn Hall is a gorgeous piece. And so is Toccata. Wonderful stitching on them.
    Have a great fun weekend!

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