(Disclaimer: It took me forever to upload my pictures so you'd have something to look at and not just a lot of words. I blame work.)

To actually stitch a few stitches. I decided to make a start on the SAL my EGA chapter decided on for 2013. I have to admit that Toccata #1 was not my first choice, I was hoping for the canvas piece we had on the ballot. But that's ok, I'm game for a new project and this one looks interesting so I ordered my kit and got it before the New Year. I actually didn't have a lot of time to stitch. I spent part of the morning getting the linen ready, it needed a good ironing and then had to be mounted on some scroll frames. I decided to go ahead and put it on scrolls since the piece is pretty good size and there's pulled work in it. I need some tension for that kind of stitching.

Then I was distracted, in a good way, by lunch with a friend. We decided to try out a pizza place in Orange Park that brews their own beer, and has a lot of other interesting craft beers on tap. We haven't had a chance to catch up and talk for awhile so that turned into a 4 hour lunch. That's my excuse  reason for not having more done. I really only worked on it for a few hours.

Toccata 1 on Jan 1, 2013

I figure this will count for Theme-a-licious as well since there are flowers in this one, somewhere in those multitude of squares. I'm also going to pick up Daughters of Longbourn and see if I can't make some progress on it. I've decided that the Bennett sisters will be included in my Finish Challenge list so hopefully I'll make some progress and **gasp** even finish it this year. A look at it at the beginning of the year...

Daughters of Longbourn on Jan 3

So, that's the first 2 items on my Finish Challenge list, there will be 8 more before the month is through. We'll see what else decides it wants to be finished to hang on the walls, or sit on a shelf, this year. 
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  1. Ceramix Says:

    Pizza and locally made beers... am most envious!

  2. Ria Says:

    I must come for pizza

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