Many of my friends will tell you I'm usually running a bit behind, late if you will. I will admit that this is a little extreme. I really meant to be on time with my end of month round-up but as you can tell I didn't make it. I actually didn't have a lot more to snow from my mid-month post but here goes.

I decided it would be fun to try and stitch an ornament a month with the ornament themes. I still have a few, ok closer to hundreds, of the kits from the Oranment Exchange I was part of with a group of far flung stitching friends. Since the theme this month included a tree I decided on this one..
Orny tree. From free pattern.
The kit came from DF Heather, yes our own Theme-a-licious Heather. She used the free pattern from Rainbow Gallery and included all the really interesting fibers used. The fabric has a metallic thread though it.  I can't wait to get this one finished. I had some lovely fabric in my stash for the back so now I just need to decide if it should be a pillow or flat finish and the embellishments.

Another piece I decided to pick up was Christmas Adam & Eve by Notforgotton Farm. I purchased this at The Attic on a trip and changed the fabric, sorry I don't remember to what and I can't find the bag it was in. It calls for Antique White, but the people didn't show up so I liked this more khaki color. Another one I think will be fun when it's finished.

Christmas Adam & Eve

Finally I made a start on Ellen Chester's Quaker Sampling III. I bought this to be a sort of companion piece to the other of Ellen's I did for my parents 50th Wedding anniversary. For those familiar with this piece you will immediately notice that I changed the fabric and the fiber color. The fabulous Drema at Needlecraft Corner helped me find the perfect blue fiber and a fabric to make it pop.
Quaker Sampling 3
I'm stitching on 36 ct Very Light Examplar with 1 strand of Gloriana 12 strand silk "Velvet NightSky". I'm in total love.

That's all folks. As a review, I only touched these 6 pieces...
Jardin January roundup
I didn't make any further progress on the pieces I showed at the mid-month point. Oh, for those wondering, yes all of these are also part of my EGA chapter's finishing challenge. I'll show you the final ones later this month. The ornament will have to be completely finished before it can count as completed for the challenge, but for purely stitching it's my first finish of 2013!

My RA has decided to flare up so this first part of February hasn't been as full of stitching. I have embraced the new monthly ornament theme and should have one finished with a snowman on it by the midpoint check in. Hope everyone else is having a better stitching month!
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  1. Chris Says:

    Great update! I love my ornament kit stash. Isn't great to have that cache of kits at the ready?
    I hope the RA flare up is over soon and you are back to serious, fast stitching progress!!

  2. Yeah. About that finishing challenge. Remind me just to give you 20 bucks and we'll call it even. :-)

  3. Wasn't that tree ornament fun to stitch?? Don't remember if I told you, but that one is my FIL's favorite of all the ones I have up every year. That blue is GORGEOUS. I think you should re-dub it TARDIS blue, though. ;)

  4. Karoline Says:

    They all look lovely :)

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