I'm REALLY late with this post. No excuses, I've just been busy with work and...and...like I said I've got no excuse. Anyway, you don't come here to read, you come here for pictures.

Fangirl Febrauary was fun. I ended up not working a whole lot of different things. I got started on Long May She Wave, a class I took last year with Ellen Chester. When I started it I just had a few red & white rows done. I worked on it until I finished. This is the front of the book that you end up making after you've stitched all the little pieces. I was excited to get this finished. It's the largest part until you start putting it together.

 I also worked on one of my favorite of all time pieces from Rae Iverson. I took Blackwork Band Sampler back in 1998. Interestingly this is the class where our fearless Theme-a-licious leader Heather and I met. I do have a picture from the last time I pulled this piece out so you can do a little before and after comparison.

This one is getting close. Of course I've been saying that for YEARS and as you can see I still haven't finished it. I'm sure it will show up again soon (foreshadowing).

I also pulled out a needlepoint piece that I've been working on to finish. I've only got her hair to put in and she'll be ready to go to the finisher. Here's how she looked at the end of the month. I really only worked on her one Saturday, so it's not a lot of progress.

Finally I took Ann Dale with me to Sampler Guild since it's our guild project this year. Didn't get a whole lot done since I tend to do more talking than stitching. However, I got more of the ground under the trees finished so that's progress.

I also did some finishing. I stitched this several years ago and have never done anything with it. I have no clue why I went with this grey fabric, but I like how it's ended up now that I've got the box made.

I also picked up my pieces that I took to the framers. Have a look.
Winter Garden Gate

March Madness has begun and I've actually worked on a few different things. I might even manage to get a post out before the end of the month!
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  1. Jackie Says:

    I LOVE what you're doing with the mermaids hair! It looks wonderful. Your FSU finish came out great too. You have some serious finishing skills!

  2. Deborah Says:

    I love your FSU finish. The framed pieces are beautiful.

  3. Chris Says:

    Wow Teresa! You have been busy! Great progress on the Wips and I love Hallow Eden and Winter gate.
    Great to see an update from you!

  4. Margaret Says:

    Such a nice variety of things that you're stitching or have stitched! Love them all! Nice framing too!

  5. From "I ended up not working a whole lot of different things", it sure does look like you did!! Congrats on getting that FSU box done...really cool. You and Jackie are really making me want to pull out Long May She Wave. I may have to put it in a wildcard spot in March...if I ever pull one!!! I pulled another dang knitting project this morning. I just pulled one yesterday!!!

  6. Also.."foreshadowing...your key to quality blogging." And also quality theme-a-licious-ing. MORE HYPHENS!! =)

  7. Ria Says:

    I think you should just skip the whole beginning part... We've gotten used to it.

    Gorgeous pictures!

  8. woolwoman Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. woolwoman Says:

    WOW Teresa - your framing came out gorgeous - the garden gate choice is stunning. Lots of forward progress - YGG - Have a great week

  10. Deb Says:

    So much eye candy in this post. Love your framed pieces and your box that you made. It is wonderful. And your projects are wonderful too - just love that mermaid!

  11. Veronica Says:

    You've been busy. Beautiful stitching. Love all your WiPs. Very interesting pieces. Your framer did a great job!


  12. Ellen Says:

    Looking good..you certainly have been busy. Of course, I'm rather partial to "Long May She Wave" and the FSU Box

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