Well March has come in here all blustery and that has helped me pick something different each day. I think what I'll do this month is try to work on something different each week day that I stitch but let the weekends, especially Sunday, be my wildcard day(s). Sunday gets special treatment because I tend to knit while watching that week's NASCAR race and chatting with my knitting/crochet buds who are fellow fans. So, here's what's been done so far.

1st - If you were reading yesterday's post you'll remember the "key to quality blogging - foreshadowing" moment I threw out for you all to ponder. You see I stuck with Blackwork Band Sampler from Rae Iverson/Moss Creek Design since I was making some good progress. Managed to finish up the satin stitch border and work some more of the vines.

The first was also my first day as an employee, rather than a contractor/consultant, at ING. I'm excited about this change. I'll also be changing jobs within the company, but that comes a bit later, first I have to hand over the large project I just took over in February to a new contractor. That will take a few weeks since she also has to learn the way ING does things.

Decided to go back to Long May She Wave by Ellen Chester and see if I couldn't finish one of the small pieces that gets attached to the book. Went with the needlebook front and managed to finish it. Of course that's because it's so tiny and the red and white stripes are closed herringbone with is so easy and goes so quickly when worked "in hand". Isn't it cute??
I know it looks almost exactly like last month's flag, but really it's different, and even smaller.

One day last week I got a new goodie from market in the mail. I totally blame my DF Jean for this one. She's the one that pointed it out to me and of course I had to have it. I mean, it's Noah's Ark! So, I decided to get a start on it. It goes quickly since it's on 18 ct and is stitched over 2 with a single strand of pearl cotton. It's going to be fun to work on and I may have to pull it out to work on it when I'm tired this month. This is called The Noah's Ark Mantle.

The 2nd race of the NASCAR season brought out my version of Saroyan. I'm knitting it with a 4 ply cotton yarn that I found on Etsy. It changes colors so right now it's just blue, but soon it will start changing to the next color. I love this colorway. I think it will make a great piece to wear this summer, or next considering how slow I'm knitting on it, with a cute dress or tank top. I've only managed to get 5 repeats done, but hey, I have all season right?

Next weekend I'll be in Atlanta with my friend and work buddy Theresa R. We're going to take a class for the painted canvas called Halloween March. I'm looking forward to playing with something new and fun.

Hope to everyone is having fun with their version of March Madness!
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  1. Ria Says:

    Everything looks so great!

    You must continue on Saroyan because now I am highly intrigues by the color change thing.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Let's see if this works now. :D I love all your March projects so far! I would go nuts with that March Madness challenge. lol!

  3. Deb Says:

    Your March projects are great!

  4. Your black work sampler is to die for!!! Love it.

  5. Anne Says:

    Lovely sampler! It's coming along beautifully! That little flag is adorable! So teeny tiny!!

  6. Karoline Says:

    They are all looking gorgeous, great progress

  7. Alice 7610 Says:

    Hi :))

    I gifted you the Liebster Award, please take a look at my blog.

    Have a nice day!

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