I know, there really isn't an answer to that question but I really am not sure where the time has gone between my last blog posts and today. It's been over a month. I'm pretty sure I'm just slack, but it could also be a bit to do with life. So to catch you up I give you the following.

1. I met my DF's Heather, Michael, Jill & Andy in Orlando for a long weekend of fun to celebrate Michael's birthday a bit early.
Andy, Jill, Me, Heather & Michael (Isn't he the brave one?)

He wanted to go to Universal Studios, especially the new Harry Potter portion. Much fun was had by all.


There was Butterbeer

And I got to meet the Hogwart's Express conductor!

And there was food.......and drink that was quite lovely everywhere we went.

Of course there was the wonderful pleasure of the company of my friends who all live in the Atlanta area. It was Andy's first visit to Florida. I hope we managed to show her a great time so she'll come back some time.

2. I have been supplementing my stash lately. Not a good sign. I don't have pictures of everything but I did do some damage when I went to Atlanta in July for my birthday.


Top row: ShibuiKnits Silk Cloud to be held with Noro Kureyon Sock for a scarf
Row 2: Rowan Lima for sweater, 2 colors of Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima in a garnet and a gold for a tank top, Ella Rae Bamboo Silk for a little jacket.
Row 3: SWTC Xie in two different colors (a shawl or 2 in the making), The Alpaca Yarn Co. Paca-Peds sock yarn, Noro Sekku 
Bottom: Wollmeise Lace-Garn.

3. Went to Savannah after church just this last weekend to see the fall incarnation of the Gospel Show at The Savannah Theatre. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but if you are going to be visiting Savannah you need to make reservations to see whatever show it going on at this theater, and I don't just say that because I've known the Musical Director/Drummer and his family for years and have become friends with one of the other cast members. It really is a good time. We went in the Spring when they did this show and my parents wanted to go again this fall. There were a few changes, some of the cast was different for a variety of reasons. 

Since it was on a Sunday afternoon we left right after the 9:45 service at church and drove up. Now, we left pretty close to 11AM but because of traffic and the fact I travel with a couple of older, distinguished folk, we made it to the theater about 20 minutes before the show started at 3PM. Seriously, for normal people it's about a 2.5 hour drive. Of course we stopped and had a light lunch and the obligatory bathroom breaks along the way. But I didn't feel bad since Chris pulled into the parking lot and parked as I was parking our vehicle and getting out. Figured they couldn't really start without him so I'm going to put it down to having impeccable timing. 

Sunday evening mom, dad, Chris and I went out to eat. We were staying right at City Market, so we  thought we'd go to Vinny Van Go-Gos for pizza but the wait was at least an hour and mom was hungry. Then we thought we'd walk over to Jazz'd, but along the way we passed a few nice places and a band so in the end we ate at Cafe at City Market.  Food was good and the weather was perfect. There was even a fairly decent band playing at that end of the market outside. Daddy tried to pick up a new girlfriend, but decided to stick with mom at least until next year when their 50 year contract has to be renewed.
Daddy & Marilyn

Monday was reserved for lunch at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room.  We'd never been, but we had pros to help us navigate the awesomeness that is lunch at this institution. Chris and fellow cast member Sheldon met us there along with two friends of Chris', Angie & Kassandra. Kassandra has just returned from a year long tour of duty in Iraq (you can just barely see her sitting next to Sheldon in the picture below), so we were especially honored to share a lovely meal with her. They are both lovely young women and are both engaged to young men who are serving in the military. We had a fantastic time chatting before we went in to eat and during our meal. Well worth the wait (yes, Sheldon, even if we weren't supposed to wait).  That's just half the table, you should have seen the other half where daddy was "protecting" the fried chicken.
Mrs Wilkes my plate
In case you can't tell: friend chicken, mac-n-cheese, biscuit, rutabagas, creamed corn, fried cabbage, cole slaw, cucumbers in vinegar with some pepper and in the middle some candied yams.
Mrs Wilkes the table
Yep, that's bowls of greens, peas, green beans, lima beans, beef stew, and who knows what else.

After lunch we bid a fond farewell to Sheldon and then Chris, but only after he helped me find the lovely needlepoint store The French Knot I'd heard about that is just around the corner from Mrs. Wilkes. A bit hidden, since it's down an alley, but just beautiful inside. Met the owner, Audrey who is both talented and lovely. Of course I found a little something to purchase and will be heading back there when I travel up that way again. If I lived in the area I'd have their stitch-in nights on my calendar. 

Isn't this just the cutest little ornament. Audrey had it, and the other two in the set, finished a couple of different ways. I'm thinking I'll have to call and order the other two canvases before it's all over. And her fiber wall was a thing of beauty. I should have taken a picture but I'd left my camera at home.

After that I headed to Wild Fibre for a little yarn stash enhancement. Found some beautiful Alchemy yarns for a new scarf and just HAD to purchase a couple of sock yarns. I also ordered a book that they will send me when it arrives.  

Alchemy Silk Purse - Blue MoonAlchemy Sanctuary - Ocean FloorSilk Purse - Cornflower Blue
Conjoined CreationsClaudia's Hand Painted Yarn - Zebra

4. I do have a long overdue picture of a finished knitted project. The picture isn't that great, because I made it at night at a friends home with my iPhone and not in daylight with my camera. However the model is outstanding and a really good sport. She's my friend Janet and the mobius scarf she's wearing isn't even for her! It's for our friend Joyce who was busy doing something else. Janet loved this so who knows, she might receive one in the future.
Joyce's Blue Modius 

I'm sure I've missed some things, but I'm going to hope I can do better at blogging and have something else to share another day.
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  1. Ria Says:

    Yay! a blog post! with yarn porn! Harry Potter may lure me back to Fla if you guys get a serious cold snap! Your dad looks like fun!

  2. woolwoman Says:

    What a great photo of your dad - he looks wonderful! No pictures of mommy???? Loved seeing the stash you mentioned to me and yep I had to pop right over to those websites yesterday before you even made your post to see what those 2 shops were up to. I have 2 skeins of Alchemy Juniper in my stash and it is lovely so I can imagine what it was like to see a lot in person. I "need" to go to Savannah on business me thinks! Hope to see you soon ! PS - I bet you had fun doing the Harry Potter themepark with the atlanta crew.

  3. Jackie Says:

    I love the picture of all of you together. It's a good pic of each of you! And of course, your dad is just as handsome as always!

    We really need to take a road trip together....I'm ready to try something new!

  4. krayolakris Says:

    The blog looks great! Makes me want to run up the road to Savannah for sure! Thanks for including stash shots. Glad you all had a great time!

  5. Susan Says:

    Isn't the Harry Potter ride fun? But butterbeer was a little too sweet for me. Love all the pictures of that luscious yarn!

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