Today I was talking to someone who probably doesn't know me all that well even though we do work together. This person made a comment that has me thinking. They called me a free spirit. Actually what they said was, "I think of you as a free spirit." Like I said, we work together, and honestly I'm not sure what it is about me at work that would have anyone thinking "free spirit". Is it because I'm a contractor/consultant? Is it because on my Facebook page I have listed all the countries I've visited, the books I've read. Is it the comments about the things I do? Because honestly I've never been called a "free spirit" and for whatever reason this has me really stumped, or thinking or something.

Lately I haven't been feeling all that interesting. I mean, really, let's see I work, I go sing at church and do some other stuff there, I read, I knit some and stitch even less. That's it. See, boring. REALLY boring. And then today, "I think of you as a free spirit." Huh? So, what makes someone a free spirit? Is it doing what they want at the drop of a hat? Is it doing things their own way, not conforming to what other's expect of them? Is it selling all their belongings and backpacking through Europe while writing a really great novel? What is it?

So, ya'll tell me? What makes someone a free spirit in your mind?

Oh, and I promise I'll try and get part deux of my travel adventures up tomorrow. That way I can blog about my trip this weekend when I come home without having to wait too long...at least I hope I can!
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  1. woolwoman Says:

    Maybe this person is just envious of what seems to them like a life lived at peace - that is to be admired I feel. You could analyze it but why not just smile and say yep! I'm a free spirit - Enjoy your time away! Mel

  2. Ria Says:

    I've been called that - repeatedly by a lot of people. And seriously I'm more of a hermit, I made my nest, I'd like to curl up in it, the rest of the world can go away and leave me alone. ( Maybe if I got like 10 cats?)

    SO, anyway, I asked several of the people who said this. And since we have a lot in common ( other than the obvious love of a certain driver) this may help you.

    They say a person who is willing to live their life their way. By their own rules which are not necessarily the same as those followed by the rest of society. Apparently, smiling a lot is a symptom, but thus was not explained very well. Someone who is generally content, satisfied and happy with their life. ANd apparently (also not very well articulated) creativity is a factor. Then there is a travel aspect. For some reason, my willingness to repeatedly drive 3 hours to the race track in south jersey, or to spend 2 weekends a year at pocono come into play. And (this was totally not clarified) having lots of different types of friends.

    I don't know if this helps... me I'm still somewhat confused. Maybe if the world would leave me alone in my little nest I cold figure it out better...

  3. Siobhan Says:

    ? Maybe it's that you seem happy in your own skin? I don't know. I look at myself as totally boring, too. As in, the most exciting thing is when there are new episodes of Judge Judy. I guess--embrace it!

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