Why am I excited? Because I'm going to corrupt teach someone else the joys of sampler stitching. My friend Jackie, who's knitting and quilting can be seen on her blog here wants to join the craziness fun. She's decided on a pattern, a lovely freebie from Blackbird Designs and I'm going to gift her some linen from my stash. We're going to pick out her thread tomorrow and have our first lesson for stitching on linen Monday.

Stitching is my first love and what I always go back to at some point. I don't stitch every day, but I love what you can do with a piece of fabric, some beautiful thread/fiber and a few stitches. Jackie knows how to cross stitch, and wants to learn other decorative or fancy stitches. I can't wait to teach her. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. So if my stitching buddies would stop by and encourage her a little I'd appreciate it.
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  1. *snerk* I'll have to give Jackie a hard time... I mean encouragement...

  2. Jackie Says:

    Aww....Teresa, you're SO sweet! I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson.

    And need some more help! Surprise! I got a wee bit (snort) off track somewhere....what else is new?!

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