Since I decided to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge over on GoodReads.com I figured I might as well share some of what I've read with you my fellow readers. Beware, I tend to have eclectic tastes in reading so you never know what you're going to find. I also happened across a meme blog entitled Booking Through Thursday, so here's today's entry.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

I'm going to go with the one that surprised me the most and was also good.

One of the challenges was to read a Dystopian novel. I ended up choosing this on a whim while browsing through my favorite used bookstore, Chamblin's. I was surprised to find that although the book made me uncomfortable, I also enjoyed it. The idea of a future world where when you reach a certain age you receive surgery that makes you "pretty" just like everyone else is unnerving and just a little scary. Who decided what is "pretty"? Along the way more questions are uncovered by the main character, Tally Youngblood, who is about to become old enough to be a "Pretty" and leave behind her "Uglies" days. Is the surgery just about changing the way people look, or is there more? Of course, since this is a series all the questions haven't been answered, but that just made me want to read the rest.

"Uglies" and the rest of the series, are considered YA, but I think they are certainly a good read for all ages. I do wish I belonged to an actual reading group and that we were reading it with the group. I think it deserves some thought and discussion to be fully understood.

So, what's the best book you've read lately?
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  1. That is an awesome book. The original trilogy is great. The fourth book came across as an afterthought. (I really do like Westerfeld overall.)

    And um...I haven't been reading much lately. Sad. (And you know how that's supposed to be said!)

  2. Susan Says:

    Recently, I really enjoyed Loving Frank. It's a story about Frank Lloyd Wright's long affair with a woman who was one of his clients. I certainly didn't agree with all of the choices the woman made, and Wright wasn't portrayed as a wonderful person, but it was a great story.

    In another vein, I read Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger. It's a thriller and kept me guessing until nearly the end,

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I've read Uglies, Pretties, and sort of in the middle of Specials. I need to reread the beginning of Specials again to refamilarize myself with the book. I put it down over a year ago when I decided to read the Twilight series and didn't go back to it, but I want to read Specials again and Extras.

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