Finally an entry about my trip to Atlanta.

My flight up was fairly uneventful, unless you count the 35 minutes we sat on the tarmack in Jacksonville waiting for Atlanta to let us leave, or the time we spent holding over Atlanta while they decided to let us land, or even the time we sat on the tarmack in Atlanta while they decided where we could disembark. Otherwise, it was actually not that bad. DF Jean was not so patiently waiting for me when I made it from terminal E to where you pick up your baggage in the Atlanta airport. For those of you not familiar, I was as far away from there are possible. But we managed to collect my bag, get it to the baby Hummer and make our way to Chez Jean where dinner was provided by Mr. Jean (aka Richard). The evenings entertainment was courtesy of "The Big Bang Theory", a sitcom I had managed not to get hooked on...until then. Seriously, I know some of those people, Jean says we may be some of those people.

But Thursday came after a wonderfully restful night. Jean and I had to make an emergency stop at Belk to exchange the new purse I'd purchased that week that had fallen apart on me in the Jacksonville airport. Ok, only one of the handles had come loose but still it needed to be replaced and fast. We did that, and some additional shopping and then headed to lunch at the tea room. I had to be on a conference call to hand-off a project I'd finished before we could lunch so we got that out of the way as well. Lunch was excellent as usual. Of course I had my camera, but forgot to take pictures.

After lunch we headed to The Whole Nine Yarns. This is one of my favorite yarn shops for a whole lot of reasons and they didn't disappoint me this trip either. I had fun looking at all the wonderful yarns and finding things not carried in my LYS. I did find a couple of patterns and some lovely Silky Wool from Elsabeth Lavold. I've been wanting to make something from this yarn and found a pattern that I think will work. I thought I'd start it while I was there but that was not to be.

That evening several of the Atlanta Stitch group made it over to Jean's for some yummy ham and maybe some stitching and knitting. Mostly we ate, talked and watched some more episodes of "The Big Bang Theory".

Friday dawned not too early, but there was plenty to do. Jean and I headed to the airport to pick up DF Melody who took the shuttle in from Auburn where she'd been working. Then we met DF's Jill & Heather for lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Express. Lunch was good and we had a great time catching up. Then it was off to the High Museum, by way of the bookstore that was just down the way, to see the exhibit from the Louvre and of course the Tera Cotta Army. I really do love museums and the High is a wonderful place. Very well lit and it seems very airy inside.They had stand-up outside for you to get a picture with. It was pretty breezy, but Jean & I managed to brave it and get a photo. Both exhibits were fantastic. It took me longer to get through then everyone else, but I managed to see it all, even at my snails pace. I realized that day just how much slower I've gotten with the RA. Thankfully they had benches along I could sit down on and enjoy things as I went.Afterwards we took a couple of pictures in the gift shop. Apparently you aren't supposed to do that. Who knew.

That evening Jean, Richard, Melody & I met DF Vicky for dinner. There is a story there, but it's too long and too much to talk about here. The short part is that we had a bad experience that required Jean to "speak" to them and then me to "explain" a few things to the manager.

Saturday we all met at the Tut exhibit.That's most of us. We did have to have a couple of people using the cameras. Again I decided on the extra audio tour and it was well worth it. If you get to go, just get it and enjoy. It may even make you "feel like you're holding the mysteries of the universe in your hands!" (Isn't that right Heather?) Seriously, it was very well done. I have been blessed to travel to Cairo and visit the Museum there. This gave a fantastic overview of the treasures found in the tombs. All that leads up to the Tut find and some of the best pieces of the treasures. You'll still have to go to Egypt to see the death masks and the sarcophogus, but I recommend it.

After the exhibit it was off to Knitch for more stash enhancement opportunities. We weren't disaapointed. What a wonderful shop. I wish I'd felt like climbing the steps up to the 2nd floor, but just didn't. I still found plenty to keep my happy on the 1st floor. From there Melody and I said our goodbye's to Richard & Jean and went with Jill to Heather & Michael's for a bit. We finally got to Jill's, Heather came along too, and settled in to try and knit or stitch. Some people did better then others. Of course there was one last visit from Vicky Tag and her girls. It was great to see them all and we had a nice visit.

Sunday went way to quickly. First we dropped Melody off at the airport. Then Jill & I met Heather & Michael at church, then lunch. Then another quick trip to Knitch where we did manage to get this silly picture.

Then it was time for me to leave. I had a great time, as always, and can't wait for my next visit. I'm already planning on a trip in July, but hopefully I'll manage a weekend before then.

Well that takes care of the Atlanta trip. Stay tuned. Tomorrow...Little Green Acorns...the Final.
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  1. Ceramix Says:

    I am so filled with envy- King Tut and the Terracotta Army! But then again both were in London last year and I missed the opportunity. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Yesssss...I felt as if I, I alone, was seeing these thingsssss...for the very first timmmme..... =)

    I LOVE our bird picture!!! We are so cute. =)

  3. Ria Says:

    Very jealous of the terracotta army, slightly jealous of the yarn shopping. Glad you had fun!

  4. Ria Says:

    I gave you a Kreativ Blogging Award on my blog.

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