Thursday's are so odd sometimes. I mean, it's not the middle of the week and it's not Friday, although it's almost Friday, which is good. And this week, I only worked 4 days, so today seemed like it should be Wednesday, but it's not.

I have decided I want my office to be MY office. The family business has been closed over a year and there is still more stuff from that in here then my stuff. That is all slowly changing. Each night I'm trying to take stuff and get rid of it. Some has to be shredded, some can just be thrown away. I've bought a few more things to put on the walls. I have filing cabinet drawers to clear out and bookshelves to clear out and replace all that stuff with my stuff. My knitting books and my crafting books and well, just my books. And in those filing cabinets? Hopefully the tall 4 drawer one will be completely emptied and I can get a matching bookshelf for where it is now and have even more space for my books and magazines and the like. Some of this stuff I have no idea what I'm going to do with. But I'm sure I'll figure something out. Some of it might end up on eBay. It's not a quick project, because most nights I only have 30 minutes or so. In fact tonight I'm working on clearing some stuff while running jobs for work. Nothing like multi-tasking.

Then, when it's done, maybe I can relax more and enjoy being in here and designing or making cards or whatever. Maybe I'll even finish my scrapbooks from the trip to Israel & Egypt! But let's not get too crazy. First, let's just see if I can bring order to this chaos, total order.

In "2009 For Me" news:

I finished a couple of books lately, 4 total this year so far. Enjoyed A Flaw in the Blood by Stephanie Barron. It was an interesting concept and I thought it was well written. Even though I knew the idea behind the book, I enjoyed reading how this author treated Queen Victoria and her children.

Stitching you got yesterday.

Knitting I'm behind in. The 2009 season of knitting for Victory Junction Gang Camp has started and I haven't picked up my needles for it yet. This Sunday I'm sure I will work on something for it though. Right now I'm frantically trying to work on the two classes I'm teaching this Sat.

Have to run to my meeting, so everyone have a great Friday!
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  1. Jackie Says:

    Happy Almost Friday to you!

    Glad to hear you're creating an office space that is all you!

  2. Ceramix Says:

    Sounds like your Not-Friday was good. Hope the real one was just as good, if not better for you.

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