Well, that should probably say: Update on my great weekend, but hey, I'm tired.

Seriously though I had a wonderful weekend. Friday night some of my very dear friend from church, none of whom have a blog, took me to dinner at The Hilltop Club. It was very, VERY nice. We had a great evening just talking, drinking some great wine and having a wonderful meal. Our waiter even brought me a piece of strawberry shortcake to help with the celebration. (We were celebrating my getting a job.)

Then Saturday was the big FSU v. Colorado game here in Jacksonville. More fun ensued. Unfortunately I don't have pictures, since I completely forgot to pick up my camera before I left the house. I think that DF Jill will have some soon. At least I hope so. The really great news was our Seminoles won!!!! Plus we had a great time tailgating with friends and just generally hanging out.

Unfortunately Jill couldn't stay long on Sunday, so I didn't even get to see her Sunday morning before she left since I'd already left to go to church. But she got home all safe and sound, so that was good news too.

I spent part of my Sunday taking a wonderfully long 3 hour nap. I was going to watch the NASCAR race, but couldn't manage to keep my eyes open for very long. Did see the exciting ending, so that's something, even if my favorite driver, Carl Edwards, didn't win. It was an exciting ending!

That's about it. No knitting, no stitching. Tonight I came home, had some desert and am heading to bed after trying to yet again remote log in to work. Still not working right for me, but I think tomorrow I'll get it fixed and then I won't have to sit in 2 hrs. and 15 minutes of traffic to get to work when there's a major wreck. I can just come back home and work from here. That will make me very happy.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a good Monday!
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  1. Ria Says:

    Oh I wish I could work from remote! At least I go to work at 3;30 so there's never been traffic. Sounds like a great weekend.

  2. Now wishing I didn't go to client sites because I can't find any #*@$& gas...

  3. Glad you got that 3-hour nap...sounds heavenly! I sympathize...starting up full-time work again is reaaaallly tiring!

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