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Halloween Fairy
Mirabilia Designs

That's how she looked about August 29th or 30th. There's a little more done from this weekend. Since I'm not positive I'll have enough thread for her wings, I'm doing pieces so if I have to add in a different dye lot it will look like shading in her wings. It's also the way I did her other wing and I like that effect much better then the striping you get if you just stitch back and forth with a hand-dyed thread.
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  1. Ria Says:

    You're so multi-talented!

  2. Bee-yoo-tee-ful!! I love the swirly wings. You are inspiring me to work on my Easter Fairy...though I must start Ye Shall Prosper...and finish Autumn Jewels...and...!! =) Anyway, she is really looking great!

  3. Very nice!!! Did you see the other Halloween Fairy by Nora Corbett in the latest issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework??

  4. Sally Says:

    Oooh she is gorgeous Teresa. Love the fabric you're using.

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