Have you ever had one of those days where you worked and didn't feel like you accomplished anything? That was today for me. I know that I worked at my desk all day. I could even give you a list of all the things I did. But to be honest, it doesn't feel like I accomplished much. I certainly didn't get a response from the issue/bug I opened for a program I use with my work that is keeping me from completing a project. I didn't get things completely settled for Sunday mornings services, much less start working on the graphics for the backgrounds, even though I did get a preliminary outline of the service finished. I did start some billing that needs to go out to customers, but I didn't get them finished. My desk still looks like a disaster area, but I did go through some of the papers and put them in the proper place. I guess I can't be too picky, it was Monday.

The only needle type fun I had today was late tonight when I worked a bit on my Noro purse. (I really do need to get a picture of it, since it does actually look like something.) Got a couple of more rows finished while I relaxed with a lovely glass of wine. Otherwise, it was all work and not much play for me today.

I really don't want to go into my bedroom because I piled some laundry on it before I left for class tonight, plus Monday is "sheet day" in my house so I still have to put my nice clean sheets on the bed before I can go to sleep. Should have done that before I left for class, but ran out of time.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow being a little more needle friendly. I have a meeting with a vendor tomorrow afternoon at Starbucks. I may take my Monkey socks with me just in case I get there early and have to wait for her. Then I may go to the movies with a friend after we pick out a new laptop for her. Perhaps I'll find some time to take some more pictures, this blog is looking a bit boring!
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