I had a busy weekend and barely time today to share, but I'm going to carve out a couple of minutes and show you what I did.

First the kitchen update. Really I'm just going to show you that I managed to tile in the "bar".

This is where I keep the important stuff, wine and coffee. We also finished getting the tiles up around the window in the kitchen, but those pictures don't really show much so you'll just have to believe me. Now all that's left is the grouting and finishing. We found the perfect piece of wood to use to finish the edges so we need to get that purchased and stained as well so we can put it up. Also need to decide what we're going to use for the window sill. We have a piece of marble that was there, but I'm not sure if it will still fit. If not it's back to the drawing board.

So far you've all been good at not spilling the beans about the sampler for mom & dad's anniversary. Since you've been good I'll show you what I managed to accomplish while stitching Sunday afternoon with DF Jackie.

The sun was almost setting my the time I got to take this picture so it's not perfect. But you can see that the Elegant Eggplant Belle Soie has some shading to it. If got to start playing around with what I'm going to change so I can include some info on their anniversary.

I also worked on Daughters of Longbourne but no picture, sorry. Maybe later this week. Hope you all had a Halloween full of treats and not tricks!
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  1. Jackie Says:

    I'm really loving how your Mom and Dad's sampler is coming along.

    You have me thinking about what we could do in our kitchen. Maybe paint the cabinets? But then the counter tops would have to be replaced....agh!

  2. Ria Says:

    Was so excited you blogged I forgot to post a comment!!


    Great job on the tile!

    Can't wait to see the finished sampler!

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