Oh yes, I know it's a little early to start thinking about New Year's resolutions and the like but Sunday I was having a discussion with a friend and mentioned that several years ago I managed to finish off quite a few UFOs from my stitching stash by concentrating on a rotation that allowed for projects at various states of completion. My Sensei Heather, who many may know as TMTIH (The Magic That Is Heather). Now understand I did this when I wasn't knitting, so I managed to finish something like 12 items that year. Not bad. Finished a couple of large(ish) samplers, some smalls, pretty varied. So that has me thinking that I need to adopt that practice again. I have things that I can put my hands on that are withing 10 hours of being finished, some that are more like 25 and then others that need a lot of hours but that I really want to work on. So I'm thinking I'm going to do a bit more of a rotation and really be a bit more thoughtful about what I'm working on. Here's what I really would like to finish in say the next year, in no particular order.

1. Ornaments - I don't even want to think about how many ornament kits I have from the years I participated in an ornament kit exchanged based on the Just Cross Stitch Ornament editions. Let's just say there are more then 100 and less the 1000 and be happy about that. I have finished some, I even have enough that have the finishing complete to hang on a small tree each year, but if I were to get serious and stitch those kits I'd have enough for...well a BIGGER tree. I'm not going to put a number on how many to finish in the year, some are easy, quick stitches, other are more time consuming. I have one that has some hardanger in it and I need to just finish wrapping the bars and doing the doves eyes and it's done. So, I'm just going to say I should have at least 1 ornament going at all times.

2. Mom & Dad's Anniversary Sampler - for obvious reasons this needs to be done. I'd like to finish it before their actual anniversary on March 3rd so it could be framed, but I'm not going to be all crazy and think that's really going to happen.

3. Winter Garden Gate -
Winter Garden Gate
This picture is actually not current. I've done more since it was taken. I'd say a good 20 hours and this one would be done. I've already finished 2 of the 5 garden gates and have them on my wall, would love to add this one.

4. Blackwork Band Sampler
Blackwork Band Sampler 05302005
This one is also further along. (Wow, I need to take some pictures!) I ADORE this piece and would love to see it hanging up in my house.

5. Biscornu - I can't believe I haven't finished the stitching on this one. There is really no excuse. It's simple and almost complete.


6. Simple Elegance I - You may not really believe me but this one is further along too. (I know...pictures are proof!)
Simple Elegance
I already know that I want to finish this as a stand up.

7. Christmas Fairy - She's just so pretty, how can I not want to stitch on her? (Picture included just in case you'd missed seeing her before.)
Christmas Fairy as of 10262010

8. Snow Globe Bunny - This is really an ornament, but since it's needlepoint I'm going to count it separate.
Snow Globe bunny as of 10/26/2010

9. Eiffel Tower Shawl - A little knitting was needed of course. No picture because it's at a point where I really can't get one until I am able to bind off.

10. Autumn in Cambria - Another shawl I've got on the needles.

11. Socks - because it would be nice to finish some that are on my needles.

12. Mystery 4 - Ok, because I really am crazy I'd like to finish one of these before I die, get it framed and enjoy it hanging up somewhere in my house. I realize this may mean a visit from the crazy police, but I'm going to put it out there. I actually have this one and another one started, this one if further along so it is getting the nod.
whole as of 04092008
Go ahead and click through to the picture on Webshots. There's an album just for this one and you can see Mr. Peacock in all his glory, with piece de resistance of crazy where I decided to do his head 1 over 1 (which for you non-stitchers is small and tedious but produces beautiful results that are amazing.) I really don't believe that I could finish this during the year, but why not work on it from time to time and see what happens.

13. The Daughters of Longbourn - Because dang it I'm enjoying this one and love stitching on it.

14. A sweater - I need to finish one of the sweaters in my UFO pile. Then maybe start another. Not like I don't have yarn for a few.

There's more deep in the recesses of my stitching & knitting bags. Small little things that could be finished like a scissors case that needs less then 10 hours on it and the stitching would be done. Alas I have no pictures. Not to mention the patterns I've bought in the last month that I'm sure will NEED to be started.

So there it is. My big list for me to think upon and try and work with. So what that it's not January 1st, I'm making my list now and seeing how it goes, that way in 2 months if I don't like it I can try something different!
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  1. Jackie Says:

    You have some lovely WIPs. I think I don't have enough WIPs. Maybe I should make a list of things that I want to start next year? Might be fun!

    I hope Heather joins in on the finishing fun!

  2. VickiB Says:

    Gorgeous stuff! I used to stitch so I can appreciate the 1 over 1.

    Looks like you have a plan!

  3. We speak not of the UFOs in my house. Let's just say if I die, the ones of you who get to my stash first will have a lot to do.

  4. Sally Says:

    You have some lovely pieces on the go. Good luck for next year :) I now only have one UFO now and that might just see the light of day next year!

  5. Ria Says:

    No idea what 1 on 1 means, it all looks time consuming but beautiful to me!

    This better not mean we won't see another blog post 'til next year!

  6. Brigitte Says:

    You have some lovely projects on the go. And gorgeous plans for next year. Planning the new stitching year has always been one of the things I love doing - although I've never even managed to start everything I had in mind, lol.

  7. Susan Says:

    Theresa, you certainly have great taste in needlework! I should know because I have three of those designs in varying stages of progress. Actually, my Winter Garden Gate is finished and framed, but it's the only one of the gates I've done. Rae Iverson's blackwork piece is in my stash and I'm just about at the same point you are on Misty Morning Vineyard. I do have at least one more peacock done, but I'm off on the counting, so it may have to be frogged. I may have to join you in making it a priority to complete that one in 2011.

  8. Siobhan Says:

    Teresa, I love all of your projects! I had to laugh (with a 'been there, done that, got the t-shirt' type of laugh) at the JCS ornament kits. Oy, you are preaching to the choir. I think I have finally managed to catch myself before I jump into signing up for blocks of the months, or automatics, or whatever. Just barely, though! I typed my WIP and 'samplers I want to finish' lists into my iPhone at the end of last year. I've managed to finish a few on the list, but just decided that I won't start anything new till 2011. Good luck with all of your projects!

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