For those who don't knit or crochet or aren't familiar with Ravelry this blog post will mean very little. For the rest of you...well indulge me for a few minutes.

On Ravelry (and seriously if you knit or crochet and haven't joined yet I really don't understand why), they are sponsoring another Ravelympics during the Winter Olympics. They've done this before and I even entered in 2008. Didn't finish anything so of course I didn't medal. You see this is my kind of Olympics because if you set a goal and you finish within the time frame of the 14 days of the Olympics then you get a medal. Last time I tried to make a shawl. That was a dismal failure. This time I took at look at my projects page and saw a lot of WIPs (works in progress for those who have stuck in there and don't know the lingo) and thought, I want to finish these off. Some don't need a lot of work, others a little more. The event is called WIPs Dancing. (You know like Ice Dancing but for WIPs...isn't that adorable?) The other night, Monday actually, I finished these:

The pattern is sort of the Popover Mitts pattern from an out of print book by Cascade yarns. I made some changes and used a different yarn (Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted), but the results a wonderful. I've worn them all week! We've had a nice cold snap and that has meant I needed something to keep my hands nice and warm. The color of the yarn was "Cherry" so I call them "Cherry Popovers". And for all this I received this lovely medal. I'm very proud and would like to thank my parents and friends for believing in me that I COULD actually FINISH a project!

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  1. Jackie Says:

    Congratulations! All those years of training have paid off!

  2. Ria Says:


    Those look great.

    I've made Angie 3 pairs that she uses constantly all winter. ( well when it's below 30 and she's willing to admit to it being "chilly" so "maybe" she should wear a coat.... takes 25 before she'll stop arguing with curt about flip flops!- so glad I'm at work when she wakes up)

    I'm still working on mine.

  3. Ria Says:

    Oh forgot to be a brat and say - WOW 2 posts in one month!

  4. Whee-ooo!! Congrats on the medal!

  5. woolwoman Says:

    Those are awesome Teresa! Love the color and yep - you can get a lot of use out of them right now.
    Enjoy! Mel

  6. Jeanne Says:

    What a fun idea - congrats on your medal win! I love your Halloween fairy finish too.

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