So, I made another new start today. Which looks bad, but it's for a class I'll be teaching Sept. 12th. That means I need to work fast in the hopes it will be finished before class starts. It's a cowl pattern with a drop stitch pattern in it made from Cascade 220. Fairly easy and mindless. That being said, I managed to have to start it twice today because I twisted the join, but once I restarted I was able to get the first repeat finished....just about 13 more to go! No picture yet, there isn't much to see.

Otherwise, not much going on. Still looking for a job. Some things don't seem to change much lately.
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  1. Jackie Says:

    I hope to see your cowl soon!

    What else are you starting?!

  2. woolwoman Says:

    I'm in a startitis frenzy now too - the first hint of fall and all the fall magazines have me scrambling to cast on as many things as possible. Yes by all means do come over and stitch one night next week. I'm trying to stay focused in the stitching and hooking arena however I did pull some silks for the Sailors Wife last night - had it all summer and I just can't stand the pull any longer LOL - good luck with the job search - I'm selfish but I hope you find something local - Mel

  3. Ria Says:

    can't wait to see it!

    I'm trying to decide if amid all the other projects I have going, I can knock out an every way wrap.

    School started for angie yesterday .... yay!

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